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Optimized web texts can offer multiple benefits to any website. First, it will provide specific information about a company or a brand, presenting its services or products. If they are well written, they will also include keywords and relevant terms to better rank in search engines.

These types of texts can help increase visitor traffic and raise the chances of leads finding your proposals in Google or any other search engine. A big part of the success of any SEO strategy will depend on the quality and quantity of content that a website has.

You may wonder what other features these texts have to possess to impact a site's rank positively. Among their many features, we would like to highlight their quality, originality, and relevance.

Thinking and investigating the keywords people use when searching for the topic we're writing about is also paramount. To determine the most common searches by users, we use several tools that will offer us precise results. Once we do this, we strategically use the main keywords inside the text's title, meta description, and URL, for example.

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We have applied SEO techniques for companies such as Yanbal USA, specifically

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword analysis
  • Including keywords throughout the website content

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