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We create your website using markup languages such as HTML or XML. We carry out the visual part of the site through CSS, a term used to style the elements written in HTML. Web design also involves work related to the layout and structure of online pages.

We complete the site creation process with tools like Adobe Dreamweaver; and Content Management Systems (CMS). WordPress is one of the best-known CMS because it has a series of templates that can help build the site. Although, we have also worked with other systems such as Squarespace, Wix, and Typo3.

Some elements are fundamental when speaking of outstanding web design:


As more and more people access the internet only by cell phone, your site must be suitable for mobile devices, that is, that it is responsive.


Have you ever received those emails where the entire message is in a single paragraph? Reading them is a challenge, and the same goes for your site's visitors if you don't consider textual scannability.


If we started writing this post with a completely different font from this point on, your reading experience would not be pleasant, right? After all, it wouldn't fit with the rest of the content. The same should apply to your site.

Upload speed

In a world where everyone seems to be in a rush, having a fast-loading website is essential. According to Google, sites that take more than two seconds to load are a burden for the user and a liability for the site's ranking.

Prior experience

We have applied SEO techniques for companies such as Yanbal USA https://www.yanbal.com/us/, specifically

  • We helped build Fundación Círculo Abierto's website www.circuloabierto.org

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