Copywriting is the process of producing persuasive texts for actions related to marketing and sales. It is the act of producing texts (slogans, websites, posts, eBooks, emails, etc.) that lead your audience to decide. That decision can be related to a direct purchase (when we talk about the product or service) or to another action within that process (selling an idea or offering content, for example).

The content of emails, websites, catalogs, advertisements, and business letters all fall into the category. The professional responsible for creating the text (also called "copy") is known as a copywriter.

As you might imagine, writing has different purposes. In marketing, the main objective of writing is to convince the target audience of something, whether it be to buy a product, service, or idea. To put the right message out there, we must know about communication and psychology. We must also have an interesting market to begin to spread the message and test its outreach potential.

In addition, copywriting is a technique that requires cunning and planning. It is responsible for reaching the objectives in a fun and exciting way. It combines word games, concepts, ideas, truthfulness, entertainment, and a strategy with clear goals.

Prior experience

We have applied our copywriting superpowers for a marketing agency called One12th (Miami, USA), specifically for one of their clients, Lennar. This project was mainly focused on:

  • Paid ads
  • Social media posts
  • Landing pages

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