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Basic SEO Optimization Package

Boost your website's visibility and drive organic traffic. Starting at:
$ 250
  • Get a high-level overview of your website's basic SEO health
  • Explore a selection of relevant keywords to target
  • Simple SEO improvements you can implement yourself
  • Equip yourself with the fundamentals of SEO
  • Identify 1-2 top competitors in your niche

Email Spark: Ignite Your Click-Through Rates

Light up your email marketing with our introductory Email Spark package, perfect for crafting high-performing email copy. Starting at:
$ 150
  • Captivating subject lines that entice your audience to open your emails
  • Compelling opening sentence that sets the stage for your message
  • Clear and persuasive calls to action that drive results
  • Expert advice on email design best practices to boost readability
  • A/B tests on your subject lines and calls to action to identify the best performers

Launch Your Localized Marketing Campaign

Reach new audiences and conquer international markets with our introductory Global Voice package.
$ 129.99
  • We ensure your message resonates with your target audience in their language
  • We go beyond translation, adapting your content to local cultural norms
  • Dedicated project manager overseeing the entire process
  • Consistent translation memory of key terms specific to your brand and industry
  • Final product meticulously reviewed for accuracy and cultural appropriateness

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