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Storytelling is an innate and recurring human action since ancient times, and it has made its way into companies. The art of storytelling has immeasurable power, not only for those dealing with change management or marketing but also for politics, education, or even religion. Social life is filled with stories. A brand must therefore become the creator of stories related to its universe.

Doing corporate storytelling consists of creating narrative universes that can help the company excite and involve its audience and its employees through a series of communication activities. The strategic essence of corporate storytelling lies in the ability and willingness to stage the company's cultural, professional, and operational heritage, thereby giving it a life of its own.

The corporate narrative comprises all the public contents used to tell its story: the values, the mission, the products, the services, the market approach, and the attention to the social context. In short, we can say that corporate storytelling is the art of creating a narrative that involves and generates an optimistic clash between emotions and facts according to a company's business objectives.

The latter involves a series of profound processes that establish how the company communicates with its stakeholders. These procedures are destined to change the company's very nature, vision, and market approach.

How an organization talks about itself has substantial repercussions in internal communications, human resources, and all the departments related to in-house information. Every company has a history, a founder, a path that has led it to the present moment. Why not show it off and create an immediate emotional connection to the outside world?

Corporate storytelling requires the activation of a complex work process with high-quality standards. The latter must make sure to comply with the guidelines of the strategic business plan. A sound communication strategy must first define the target and objectives and then the most appropriate channel to transmit the message.

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