Corporate translation acquires a much greater dimension in terms of responsibility. The translator must consider differences in the language, culture, customs, or communication skills. All those issues refer to the localization of communications, and they are essential when planning the expansion of a company.

The localization of a product or service implies making modifications or adaptations. Companies must also adapt the linguistic aspects of their communications.

For example: forms, linguistic turns, expressions, and others, of the country to which they are directed. The objective is to create a product or service that you can sell in the market you intend to reach.

Bold Copy Lab has experience with the localization of:

  • Educational content
  • Posters
  • Websites
  • Apps

Regarding the aforementioned categories, we can find different types of localizations:

  • Localization of all printed material: covers, documentation, posters, etc.
  • Web localization
  • Localization of subtitles and dubbing
  • Localization of support texts
  • Localization of documentation and product box

Prior experience

We helped with the localization of educational content for Benchmark Education Company https://www.benchmarkeducation.com/. We have samples of this project.

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